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Heidi Eng , KING 12:22 PM. PST February 14, 2017 CONNECT TWEET LINKEDIN GOOGLE+ PINTEREST Rhythm tap is the dance form at heart at urban dance studio, Northwest Tap Connection . Their philosophy is to enrich students lives with dance while also encouraging self-confidence, developing self-discipline and promoting achievement and goal setting. While rhythm tap is Northwest Tap Connection s specialty, you can also find styles such as African, jazz, modern, ballet, swing, ballroom, and hip-hop incorporated into performances. Hip-hop choreographer, instructor, and director, Shakiah Danielson has been teaching for over 13 years at over a variety of studios throughout Mexico, Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Her one-of-a-kind style couples hip-hop with an eclectic blend of music. Today, Shakiah and artistic director Ms. Melba Ayco are accompanied by six dancers for an epic performance.

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