Reflections On Necessary Issues In Eating

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But part of the menu did come from very close by the baby kale from Beasley's farm that topped the ricotta dish and "a pretty vast majority" of the other food was sourced within a few hours' drive, Alvarez said, including grass-fed beef from near Ocala, bread from Tampa and chorizo sausage from Sarasota. Also, the lessons of the event definitely apply to Hernando. Though eating local can be less a principle than a sales scam as documented last year by the Tampa Bay Times' series Farm to Fable nothing can beat a meal with ingredients freshly harvested from nearby fields. And there's a market for people who do local right, which is why Outstanding in the Field chose Beasley as a host for one of the 100 or so meals it stages every year from coast-to-coast and beyond, to Hawaii and Argentina and Alvarez as the chef. In fact, seeing the dishes taking shape in the popup kitchen under tents next to the table, and considering the price diners were willing to pay for them, it was difficult to not ask why more people haven't signed up for this mission why, in particular, more of the rich land on Hernando's east side isn't turning out such greens and baby potatoes and eggplant. Because "it's not easy," Alvarez said. No, it's not, Beasley said. There are crops for every season squash and beans and turnips in the spring, okra in the summer, greens in the winter. She plants at different times, which means she always has fresh vegetables available, which also means there's always harvesting to do, harvesting that this time of year includes washing her greens and gathering them in bunches for sale at her farm or at one of her regular outlets, including the Hernando County Farmers Market held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays in the parking lot at Rural King on U.S.