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goes uneaten. In partnership with Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio and Unilever, Compass has launched a dynamic platform to raise awareness and promote food waste solutions. View photos On April 28, 2017, Compass Group cafes across the country will celebrate the first National Stop Food Waste Day as part of Earth Month showcasing: Imperfectly Delicious Produce (IDP) two million pounds of rescued produce nationwide Waste Not - an internal tracking tool to measure waste Save the Food marketing and root-to-stem recipes "Compass says 'enough is enough.' We serve 9.4 million meals a day and are in a position to make some real change," says Amy Keister, VP of Consumer Engagement. "Let's take our national love affair with food and work together to find a solution to stop food waste!" Building off Compass' Envision2020 strategy, the food waste reduction plan provides: training and tools to reduce surplus at the source, food recovery partnerships to donate excess to the community, and marketing materials to educate the public on ways to save at home. For more information about Stop Food Waste Day, participating cafes, and scheduling coverage of events, visit . Compass Group: Based in Charlotte, NC, Compass Group North America is the leading foodservice management and support services company with $16 billion in revenues in 2016. Its parent company, UK-based Compass Group PLC, was named one of 50 Companies Changing the World by Fortune. Learn more here .