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When she asked for the receipt, it clearly stated the name of the staff member and read small egg & tom omlette (sic) for weird freak, he said in social media posts on both Facebook and Twitter . The cafe manager said the matter would be taken up with the assistant involved. A Harrogate cafe customer was shocked to find himself called a 'weird freak' on his receipt https :// YorkshireEveningPost (@LeedsNews) March 27, 2017 Mr Dempster said his wife explained that her son would not eat the entire portion and, because she once worked at the cafe and knows such requests can be made of the chefs, asked for a smaller serving. At the time I think she was being served by the cafe manager who was training up a new member of staff, said Mr Dempster, speaking to the Harrogate Advertiser . They went to type the request in and my wife noticed that the other member of staff sniggered, so she asked for a copy of the receipt. They obviously werent aware this comment was included on the receipt. He claimed staff could not give an explanation for the comment when she confronted them. Its not like shes made some ridiculous demand, not least to say she was really upset and asked them did I really deserve this treatment?, he said. Keren Shaw, the general manager at Weetons cafe at West Park in Harrogate in North Yorkshire, said: Unfortunately today one of our staff acted in an incredibly unprofessional way and we are extremely sorry.